Savings Fees

Below Minimum Balance Service Fee-
Inactive Savings Account
$5.00 per month
Early Closure Fee1
$25.00 per account
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee $3.50 per transaction
Holiday Club Excessive Withdrawal Fee
$5.00 per transaction
Starting Over Savings Withdrawal Fee
$15.00 per transaction
(after 1 free wd per year)
Reopen Savings Fee2 $5.00 per account
**Paper Statement Fee3
$5.00 per statement cycle
E-statement Fee
Checking Accounts Fees

Regular Checking Account
$5.00 per month
E-Checking Account
$7.50 per month
Senior Checking Account
$3.50 per month
Copy of Cleared Check
 (in excess of two per month)
$2.00 per item
Draft/Check Printing
Fee Depends on Style of Draft Ordered
Draft/Check Manual Handling$10 per order
Courtesy Pay Reinstatement Fee
$35.00 per reinstatement
Invalid MICR Line Processing
$2.00 per item
LCFCU Online E-Pay Base Fee
(per enrolled suffix)
FREE (must initiate one bill per month)
LCFCU Online E-Pay Non Usage Fee
$4.95 per month
Non Sufficient Funds - Returned
$35.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer
$3.00 per item or payment order
Paid Overdraft
$35.00 per item
Reopen Checking Fee2 $10.00 per account
Stop Payment
$30.00 per item or payment order
Temporary Checks
$3.00 for 4 checks

Debit Card Fees

ATM Foreign Transaction
$3.00 per transaction
Debit Card Negative Balance Fee
$35.00 per occurrence
Manual Handling Fee
$10.00 per occurrence
Replacement Debit Card
$10.00 per item
Stop Payment on Recurring Transactions$30.00 per request
VISA Merchant Transaction Copy
$15.00 per request
Wire Transfer Fees

Foreign Wire Transfer (outgoing)
$50.00 per payment order
Western Union (outgoing)
$25.00 per payment order
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing)
$25.00 per payment order
Foreign Tracer Fee
$20.00 min. per trace
Miscellaneous Fees

Account Activity Printout
$3.00 per request
Account Balancing Assistance
$25.00 per hour
Account Research
$25.00 per hour
Bad Address Fee
$5.00 per month
Cashier’s Checks
$3.00 per item
Change of Address (per postal notification)
$5.00 per notification
Check Cashing Fee 4
Based on 1.5% of the check amount
Coin Purchased (in excess of 10 rolls per month)
$0.15 per roll
Collection Item (Domestic)
$10.00 per item
Collection Item (Foreign)
$25.00 per item
Collection Item (On-us)
$10.00 per item
Escheat Fee
$50.00 per membership account
Inactivity Fee 5
$10.00 per month
IRA Transfer Fee
$15.00 per occurrence
Money Orders
$2.00 per item
Non-sufficient Funds caused by ATM, POS or ACH
$35.00 per item
Notary Service (members only) FREE for first 3 items
$5 per signature on 4 or more documents
Overnight Delivery Fee (afternoon delivery)
fee depends on location/delivery type
Payment by Phone
$10.00 per request
Return Item Fee
$10.00 per item
Return Item Fee (one-party)
$35.00 per item
Shared Branch Excessive Withdrawal Fee
$5.00 per transaction in excess of 2 per month
Statement Copy
$5.00 per statement
Stop Payment on Corporate Check
$10.00 per item
Tax Levies/Garnishments
$25.00 per request
VISA Gift Card
$3.00 per item
 VISA Prepaid Card-reloadable
$6.00 per item
 VISA Travel Card-reloadable
 $6.00 per item
Safe Deposit Fees

Annual Rental Fee (3x10)
$65.00 per box
Annual Rental Fee (5x10)
$85.00 per box
Annual Rental Fee (10x10)
$135.00 per box
Drill Box Fee
$200.00 per occurrence
Key Deposit
$25.00 per box
Late Fee
$10.00 per month
Replacement Key
$25.00 per occurrence
Returned Payment Fee
$35.00 per occurrence

1 Applies to any Savings Account Closed within 90 days of Opening
2 Applies to any Account Reopened within 90 days of Closing
3 Applies to members between the ages of 19 and 64 with aggregate deposit/loan balances of less than $10,000; E-statements are FREE.
4 The Check-Cashing Fee is waived for members maintaining a share draft account with us or for members who maintain a balance of at least $500.00 in any one account.
   The Check Cashing Fee also will be waived if you deposit at least 25% of the check into your Savings account.
5 Applies to members 19 and older with less than $250 in total deposits and no member initiated account activity in a 12-month period.

Fees are current as of February 7, 2020 unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change.